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Hardeners are silicate-based penetrating sealers. 

They react with soluble calcium compounds (free lime) in the concrete and form insoluble calcium silicates to create a breathable protective barrier


The new lithium silicates technology:

4Of the three kinds of silicates, lithium silicates are very reactive and are more efficient than sodium or potassium silicates.

4Lithium’s reaction in concrete is non-expansive, so it won’t contribute to crazing or map cracking.
4Lithium reacts more evenly throughout the surface zone

4Lithium ions are smaller than sodium and potassium ions, so they can penetrate concrete better.

Physically : They increase the strength of the surface concrete and fill the micropores to densify and decrease porosity.


Chemically :

The free lime CaO in excess can react with water to form calcium hydroxide (CH = portlandite)

The silicates (S) react with the CH to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), the same material that results from the reaction between portland cement and water, giving concrete much of its strength.

Additional CSH means denser and harder concrete.


Lithium silicates vs the old silicates technologies:

Older sodium and potassium silicates form an expansive alkali-silica gel to seal the surface.

This is why even properly finished and cured concrete can develop map cracking after the application of sodium and potassium products.

Sodium and potassium ions tend to react more violently and unevenly, leaving clumps of reacted and unreacted calcium scattered throughout the surface zone.








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4The treatment is penetrating and is a permanent protection.

4Surface sheen and protection visible after 1 day - improves over 7 days of normal traffic and maintenance.

4May be applied to new or existing cured concrete.

4Polished areas can be put into service immediately after the process is complete


4Improved strength for old, deteriorating and weak concrete finishes, providing increased resistance to abrasion and impact.

4Transformation of porous concrete into a dense surface that inhibits water, oil and other contaminants from penetrating.

4Provides maximum hardening to improve abrasion resistance and reduce dusting.


4Protects treated surfaces from damage caused by water or chemical attack.

4Will not peel or flake off.

4Does not contain high concentrations of sodium or potassium salts which can contribute to surface crazing/surface ASR.

4Non-expansive gel will not absorb water or cause floor to sweat.

4High lithium content to combat surface ASR.


4Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and require no waxing.

4Elimination of dusting from efflorescence (a white crystalline deposit appearing on the surface of concrete that is caused by soluble salts being carried upwards by moisture to the surface).

4Decreased floor maintenance and less wear on cleaning equipment such as brushes, pads and mops.






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H A R D E N High Lithium Content Hardener makes the surface of concrete harder and more abrasion-resistant

S  E  A  L   Medium Lithium Content Hardener & Sealer makes the surface glossy and feed the concrete floor with lithium silicates

W   A   X     Low Lithium Content Sealer to assure the periodical / daily Maintenance


Our products are:

  • 4Water-based

  • 4Non-flammable

  • 4Non-toxic

  • 4Extremely low odor

  • 4Contain no solvents


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4We are specialized in decorative concrete floors, mainly in Belgium but also in the North of France.

4We place the 2 kinds of decorative floors : troweled polished floors but also the grinded concrete floors (with diamond grinding machines).

4Thanks our experience, we can advise you. We can explain in details which solution suites you best.



We can sale our own solutions and you are delivered very quickly.

But we recommend you  our complete service :

4We study your demand and we advise you in the choice of the right product

4We make an offer for delivering and placing the lithium-technology procees

4We offer you a warranty in function of the service done


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